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Behavioural traits.

When a teenager is dealing with their parents’ divorce there are many behavioural traits that are said to be commonly used as coping devices. These include:

  • Being angry and very critical of their parent’s decisions.
  •  Becoming with drawn towards a parent as a type of punishment.
  • More time is spent away from the family life e.g. in their own rooms or out with friends.
  • Some may become better behaved in hopes to save their parents marriage
  • Risk taking could become common. Such as drinking and drug use are common.

To find out if these behavioural traits are true, I created a check list for ten high school students that come from divorced homes asking if they think they have developed these traits. The results were as follows:

  • 9/10 out of the ten said they were critical of at least one of their parent’s decisions, whether it had to do with the other parent or not.
  • 7/10 said that they started to with drawl from at least one of their parents.
  • 9/10 said that they spent more time in their rooms and less time with the family.
  • 3/10 said that they become better behaved and took on more responsibilities.
  •  1/10 said that they started drinking to get the attention of both parents.

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